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"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold" (W.B. Yeats)

Thu Apr 25 - Sat Apr 27 2019 | 7:30pm | Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio, UQ | All tix $10

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Shakespeare engaged deeply and repeatedly with the question of how people respond when things fall apart. Connections to any number of contemporary situations are too obvious and many to bear remarking on. But maybe things have always been falling apart. Perhaps the centre has never held. Has victory always lain with the confident ignorant, or can quiet virtue triumph over brazen spin and perception-shaping?

In this, our eighth annual sharing of texts and techniques from our company training, the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble presents scenes and speeches from Shakespeare's plays, some of his sonnets, and a number of sonnets by classical and modern poets (including Gerard Manly Hopkins, Christina Rossetti, and Wilfred Owen) which interrogate these questions about truth and power.

Dare to Share is performed by the current members of QSE's Core Ensemble alongside the 2019 QSE Apprentices (remember their names so you can say you saw them before they were big!).

The sharing will followed by a short Question and Answer session with the cast, and there will be a bar open before and after the show (no intermission).

Cast and Crew

  • Cast:
    • Garry Condeseres
    • Eleanor Crosse
    • Keziah Dos Santos
    • Tahlia Downs
    • Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn
    • Ellen Hardisty
    • Liliana Macarone
    • Frances Marrington
    • Rebecca Murphy
    • Rob Pensalfini
    • Dudley Powell
    • Silvan Rus
    • John Siggers
    • Colin Smith
    • Raphael Tefera
    • Angus Thorburn