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The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble is artist-run and artist-led. We consist of a Core Ensemble who perform, facilitate, and run the business side of the company. The fact that we are artist-run is a key ingredient which allows the following to not only exist but to flourish:

  • High calibre art created by QSE's unique ensemble approach and commitment to voice and text training.
  • Accessible performance and training experiences. Our approach to Shakespeare's texts allows for both a contemporary and modern, as well as a personal, understanding; allowing us to retain a sense of 'play' within our work.
  • Celebration and staging of new and local Australian works; e.g. Bogga and The Blood Votes.
  • A commitment to our community through our Shakespeare Beyond programs, giving voice to the marginalised.

Shakespeare Beyond represents QSE's community initiatives such as:

All of this is made possible through our artists' work, on stage and off, and the support of our volunteers and donors. The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble is more than just a theatre company, performing for performance sake; we are a vibrant and active member of our community, not an island within it.


You can also make a direct debit transfer to our bank account - please put your last name and an annotation or abbreviation (e.g. Shakespeare Beyond) in the description line so we know who's paying, and alert us by sending an e-mail to when you transfer a payment. Our bank account details are:

BSB 034-008
Account number: 134367


Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

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Shakespeare Beyond

Support QSE's community initiatives.



A Night at the Theatre

In 2016, the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble started the A Night at the Theatre initiative in partnership with the Australian Red Cross, Communify, and Arafmi Queensland. A donation of $35 can give a main-stage ticket to a person who might not have otherwise been able to experience live Shakespeare.



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