Our Annual Appeal Heroine, Paige Poulier


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This year's Annual Appeal is a reflection of who we are, what we do, and why our donors support QSE. The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble is an artist-run theatre company. We consist of a Core Ensemble who not only perform in our shows, but also run the business side of QSE. An artist-run company is the very condition for the possibility of the following to flourish:

  • Celebration of our diversity and gender parity since QSE's inception
  • High calibre art created by QSE's unique ensemble approach and commitment to voice and text training
  • Cultivation and staging of new and local Australian works, e.g. Bogga
  • Commitment to our community through Shakespeare Beyond giving voice to the marginalized

Shakespeare Beyond represents QSE's community initiatives such as:

All this is possible quite simply because the artists have made it so. On stage and off. Though we're just a small ensemble from Brisbane, we have big dreams and would like you to join us in our campaign. We wish to be Australia's new centre of Shakespeare performance and training.

So please support an artist-run theatre company by donating to QSE by June 30.

Donors who give $100 + will be listed as a 'wallflower' on the QSE's Donors Wall.

  • Roses $5000 +
  • Violets $1000 - $4999
  • Columbines $500 - $999
  • Rues $250 - $499
  • Daisies $100 - $249

QSE is grateful for the support of all donations.


You can also make a direct debit transfer to our bank account - please put your last name and an annotation or abbreviation (e.g. Shakespeare Beyond) in the description line so we know who's paying, and alert us by sending an e-mail to finance@qldshakespeare.org when you transfer a payment. Our bank account details are:

BSB 034-008
Account number: 134367


Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

Support QSE's vision. Find out what it takes for our Ensemble to run.



Shakespeare Beyond

Support QSE's community initiatives.



A Night at the Theatre

In 2016, the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble started the A Night at the Theatre initiative in partnership with the Australian Red Cross, Communify, and Arafmi Ltd. A donation of $35 can give a main-stage ticket to a person who might not have otherwise been able to experience live Shakespeare.



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