Shakespeare's Shorts


Introduce your students to the characters, plot, and language of some of Shakespeare's most famous plays in the most engageable, memorable way!

Half-hour Hamlet

This highly physical production takes out all the procrastination - the tragedy is performed in 20 minutes, then in 7 minutes, and again in just 3.

Express Macbeth

This pacey performance spins the murder, betrayal, and madness of the Scottish Play into a tale of fun, frivolity, and... well, madness!

Instant Romeo & Juliet

This lively show turns the tragedy of the star-crossed lovers into a high-paced comedy with plenty of wooden-sword-buckling!


"We enjoyed the production and know that the students will get a lot from it. They found it enjoyable, especially the comic element. Getting students up on stage was different!"
- Pauline Donaldson, St. Peter's Lutheran


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