2019 Management Committee

Rebecca Hurst

Rebecca Hurst - President

Rebecca has 20 years' experience in higher education management, both in Queensland and in the UK in the fields of science, humanities and the nexus between the two. Her own qualifications are in comparative history and literature, with some training in drama and performance experience in musicals. While in London she performed with, and was Secretary to the Tabard Singers for over 10 years. In the distant past she worked on the production teams of high school musicals in Brisbane, including original works.

Rebecca first encountered the QSE at the University of Queensland in 2010 and, with Rob Pensalfini, facilitated the evolution of the Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio from the former Cement Box Theatre. She attended that year's mainstage production (Richard III) and has been an enthusiastic supporter ever since. This is her first year on the Committee.

Rebecca has an established track record in working collaboratively to assemble strategic grant applications for capital works, scholarship of teaching, and community engagement projects. Her interdisciplinary viewpoint and experience allow her to see connections and form links between disparate groups.

Her aims as President include working with the Company to extend its reach and visibility, in line with the Strategic and Business plans developed by the previous Committee. She will work towards the sustainability of the company, while nurturing and supporting the distinctive sense of belonging in the Ensemble which is a bedrock of the Company's success to date. It's also a pleasure to witness and experience.

Cate Carter

Cate Carter - Vice-President

In her first career, Cate was a stage manager with the State Opera of South Australia, Victoria State Opera, and the Adelaide Festival; and was part of the orchestral management team at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Her experience with smaller companies have included Prahran's Church Theatre, Polyglot Puppet Theatre, and Doppio Teatro; and she has even done some time with rock and roll, and circus! Cate holds an Advanced Certificate in Technical Theatre from the Adelaide Centre for the Performing Arts (now Adelaide College of the Arts), and a Graduate Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management from the University of South Australia.

In her second career, Cate is an Army Officer, however, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, she works at the Army Research Centre as a managing editor. Cate holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University, a Masters in International Relations from the University of Queensland, and is currently studying for a PhD at Deakin University.

Cate is glad to be back in theatre, and her interests with the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble are in strategic partnerships, long-term sustainment, and program expansion in the applied theatre program.

Miles Reid

Miles Reid - Secretary

Miles is studying history and mathematics at the University of Queensland. He really likes Shakespeare's plays, but up until now has only experienced them through private reading. Curious about the Shakespeare scene in Queensland and wanting, desperately, something to do with it, he decided one day to google 'Shakespeare Brisbane'... and now is very pleased to be on the QSE Committee. He thinks this is a great chance to learn about Shakespeare's plays in action, and hopes to help the ensemble where he can. He looks forward to the year ahead!

Lisa Durnian

Lisa Durnian - Treasurer

Lisa first discovered the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble in their 2014 performance of The Tempest. Since then she has become an avid audience member and introduces both friends and visiting scholars to QSE performances. Although Lisa has no background in theatre she does have a strong professional interest in the QSE's Shakespeare Prison Project and their work in Queensland correctional facilities. She has a Phd in historical criminology, and teaching qualifications in history and legal studies.