QSE Donors Wall

QSE warmly thanks and celebrates donations from our supporters, also officially known as our wallflowers.


Thank You image of Wall from A Midsummer Night's Dream (2013)

ROSES $5000 +

Lesley Bryant
Joan Russ

VIOLETS $1000 - $4999

Heather Jones
Mary Waldie

COLUMBINES $500 - $999

Paul & Miriam Thomas
Richard Fotheringham

RUES $250 - $499

Qld Ombudsman Social Club (2016)
E Sally Vickery

DAISIES $100 - $249

Joanne Tompkins (2016)
Isabel Stankiewicz
Paul Adams (2016)
The Light Co. (2016)
Rebecca Hurst
Cecelia Flux
Maureen Todhunter

QSE 15th Anniversary Wall-Foundation

Amanda O'Callaghan
May Vrazofski
Kerry Kilner
Chris Beck
Erin Barclay
Silvan Rus
Meg Vann
Weston Bruner

Thanks to all who donated to us in 2016!


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