QSE Donors Wall

QSE warmly thanks and celebrates donations from our supporters, also officially known as our wallflowers.


Thank You image of Wall from A Midsummer Night's Dream (2013)

ROSES $5000 +

Lesley Bryant
Joan Russ

VIOLETS $1000 - $4999

Heather Jones
Mary Waldie

COLUMBINES $500 - $999

Paul & Miriam Thomas
Richard Fotheringham
Joanne Tompkins
Winifred Siggers
Katrina Currie

RUES $250 - $499

Qld Ombudsman Social Club
E Sally Vickery
Lisa Durnian
Rebecca Hurst

DAISIES $100 - $249

Isabel Stankiewicz
Paul Adams
The Light Co.
Cecelia Flux
Maureen Todhunter
Mary Vance
Bill Ash
Maree Clancy
Petra Lawrence
Tracey Siggers
Liliana Macarone
Heath Goldfinch

QSE 15th Anniversary Wall-Foundation

Amanda O'Callaghan
May Vrazofski
Kerry Kilner
Chris Beck
Erin Barclay
Silvan Rus
Meg Vann
Weston Bruner

Thank you to all our donors. No matter how small or large your donation is it is appreciated and will be put to good use!


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